The bear is the symbol of the carnival, for antonomasia, and maybe, the animal respect to mankind that has contradictory position towards the animal world: familiarity and affinity on one side, extraneously and opposition from the other. The bear terrorized and threatened, but at the same time entertained. He was god and at the same time father, brother, son, friend of all the peoples of the uralo-altaica galaxy, of the Lapponi, to the Siberiani, to the Red Indians of America; but his cult was alive also between the-European indo peoples, as the Indian myths show, also Greeks, celticis and Germanics. Often associated to the so said rites of passage, after his seasonal death (the hibernation in the cave) the bear rises again to new life personifying the incipient spring.

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    This representation, reproposed by the Ass. Theatrical Hybris, with great success in all Europe, sees the action of about 50 representing-actors-dancers-musicians which interact with two bears in paper-pulp ( height 3 m ) in the various dramatic moments of the show: he hunts to the bear, he captures, the killing, meteorological oracle.

    The bear, the primitive beast, breaks into the urban space waking up terror and death, he threatens the human comunity shattering every law which is not written, leading us till the times of the primordial law. The law and his transgression: remote, but ready to reintroduce himself; punctual his staging, punctual the reaction. Necessary. Primordial fear of darkness, of the unconscious, which comes out monsters, and virile reaction of the village mixes, confused and superimposed, giving place to this dramatic representation

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